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5D Anti-Ageing Facial

The Facial that instantly gives you a younger look.


With the 5D from Paris Facial, you will notice instant visible results which will increase over the following 24 hours. You will notice how your skin is noticeably younger, brighter & more radiant. The treatment will repair damage caused by the sun, will nourish and deeply re-hydrate the epidermis.


It will also:


  • Decrease Fine Lines and wrinkles (visual, depth, volume, mean global amplitude and mean amplitude)

  • Lift Effect + action of the pro vitamin A

  • Eliminates all dead cells

  • Reduce pigmentation

  • Brightens the complexion

  • Combats free radicals which causes aging

  • Increase collagen production for smoother skin

  • Remove dry, dull skin and even out tone

  • Refine pore size and appearance

  • Lightens the complexion

  • Moisturizes all layers of the skin

  • Generates a youthful, glowing appearance

  • Visible, lasting results from the first treatment


This paraben-free in-salon treatment brings an efficient answer to skin aging. It has anti-wrinkle, lightening, oxygenating, hydrating and skin regenerating effects. Skin will look noticeably younger! One of the principal assets of the Facial is its capacity to answer the basic skin needs such as Cellular nutrition, Free radicals fighting (induced by ultraviolet rays) and Cellular stimulation.



  • Face, Neck, Decollete & Hands = R 1,450.00

  • Face, Neck & Decollete = R 1,200.00

  • Face & Neck = R 950.00


One treatment every 28 days

5D BEFORE AND AFTER 2017-5D-from-Paris-B
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