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A profound experience in Theresa's life led her to explore a holistic approach to medicine

and methodologies, which currently still fall outside of mainstream medicine.

Subsequently, Theresa became more and more aware of the limitations of mainstream

medicine, leading to her conviction that an integrative approach, based on the philosophy

of holism, is the way forward in medicine.



At Health, Wellness & Aesthetics, the key principles of such an approach to medicine are:

  • Inclusive

  • Safe

  • Health-effective

  • Cost-effective

The basic philosophical premises are those of holistic, or systemic thinking. Briefly, in health care these premises include:

  • The human being is an integrated system of processes, which are in dynamic balance. Body, mind, emotions, and soul are all interconnected, always interacting with the environment. When part of this complex human system becomes diseased, the whole system is affected. Therefore symptoms cannot be addressed in isolation.

  • The holistic approach relies on the body’s inherent intelligence / wisdom to heal itself. It is far more concerned with processes than with underlying pathology. The emphasis does not lie on symptoms and disease, but on health and function

  • There are many causes of any single disease, hence many solutions, hence the importance of the ‘terrain".

  • The holistic approach recognises many variables, both physical and non-physical and unique to each person; hence outcomes cannot be predicted. Human beings are not statistics.

  • The absence of symptoms is not a sign of health. Health is the ease of flow: the dynamic balance of all energies in the human system.

  • Man is a spiritual being having a physical experience and disease is part of this experience. Disease does not just happen by chance,  and is also not just an enemy. It can and indeed should serve as a wake-up call and become part of a Healing process. Primarily it indicates the need for a shift in intentions.


-  Medical drugs?

-  Not being heard, being treated like a statistic?



-  Unexplained fatigue
-  Painful conditions such as muscle pains, joint pains or headaches
-  Chronic infections, allergic or other immune-related problems
-  Any chronic, degenerative or undiagnosed disorder


Chronic, life-changing and life-threatening diseases demand a truly integrated approach. Although many acute, lesser problems can be dealt with effectively, it is these chronic, serious disorders, which pose the greatest challenge. At Health, Wellness & Aesthetics (Bedfordview,  Gauteng, RSA) such conditions are always approached at the following different levels:

1.  The Mind-Body-Soul connection:

When dealing with these chronic, life-changing and life-threatening diseases, the non-physical aspects of healing are of paramount importance. Counselling includes addressing stress, raising awareness, intentions, spiritual aspects of healing, the practice of mindfulness, etc.

2.  Nutrition, supplements, remedies and water:

Optimum nutrition is vitally important to enhance and maintain health. It is essential to supplement with the best available natural vitamins and minerals. In addition, various herbal formulas, Isopathic and other remedies are used.  (A lot of new remedies as well as new therapy and treatments will be available in the near future).

At Health, Wellness & Aesthetics, we approach each patient differently, as there is no "one plan fits all".  We create individualised treatment plans for each patient that fits into their lifestyle.

We can help manage the following:

-  Allergies

-  Autoimmune Diseases

-  Cancers

-  Cardiovascular Diseases

-  Cerebral Neurotransmitters

-  Cholesterol

-  Diabetes

-  Depression

-  Functional Disorders (Digestive & Intestinal)

-  Hormonal Problems

-  Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

-  Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)

-  Inflammation

-  Insulin Resistance

-  Lifestyle Modification

-  Nutrition

-  Ph Balance

-  Trace Elements

-  Thyroid Function

-  Ulcers

-  Weight Management, and MORE..........

The following are incorporated in my practice:

  • Anti-aging medicine (is the pinnacle of biotechnology joined with advanced clinical preventive medicine. The specialty is  founded on the application of advanced scientific and medical technologies for the early detection, prevention, treatment, and reversal of age-related dysfunction, disorders, and diseases);

  • Aesthetics (a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty.  The branch of philosophy which deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste);

  • Bio-energetic tools (is an informational tool that allows for a very detailed conversation between your body and the practitioner at Healing Alternatives);

  • Energy healing (is the conscious and skilled use of therapeutic modalities to benefit a person on subtle and emotional levels, as well as in their general and physical well-being);

  • Functional Medicine (is a form of alternative medicine which proponents focuses on interactions between the environment and the gastrointestinal, endocrine, and immune systems. Practitioners attempt to develop individual treatment plans for people they treat);

  • Herbal Medicine (remedies and medicines made from plants);

  • Holistic Healing (means taking a holistic approach when seeking treatment for imbalances and choosing to live a more balanced lifestyle. What primarily distinguishes holistic healing apart from alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine, is that physical health is not necessarily the main focus. Even so, it is often the experience of physical discomfort that will first prompt a person's pursuit of holistic healing);

  • Lifestyle modification (involves altering long-term habits, typically of months or years. Lifestyle modification can be used to treat a range of diseases, including obesity);

  • Mindfulness-based med (Mindfulness practice is ideal for cultivating greater awareness of the unity of mind and body, as well as of the ways the unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can undermine emotional, physical, and spiritual health);

  • Naturopathy (a system of alternative medicine based on the theory that diseases can be successfully treated or prevented without the use of drugs, by techniques such as control of diet, exercise, and massage);

  • Nutrition (the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth);

  • Preventive Health Care (Consists of measures taken for disease prevention, as opposed to disease treatment);

  • Rife resonator therapy (is a machine that generates electromagnetic frequencies, which are relayed through the body via the hands or the feet);

  • Ethno medicine (is a system that applies both art and science to help the human body to restore it's health and well-being);

  • Integrative Healthcare (which is also called integrated medicine and integrative health combines alternative medicine with evidence-based medicine. Proponents claim that it treats the "whole person",  focuses on wellness and health rather than on treating disease, and emphasizes the patient-physician relationship);

  • Auricular Therapy (is a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the ear is a micro-system which reflects the entire body, represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the ear);

  • Microneedling  (Skin needling is one of the newest, easiest forms of Collagen Introduction therapy; also known as Dermapen, Medical Microneedling or Microneedling.  The compact device is comprised of small tiny microscopic stainless steel needles, used to pierce the upper layers of skin up to 2 millimetres (depending on the needle used)

  • Plasma Pen Fibroblast procedure (is a non-surgical skin lift procedure giving the same results as traditional surgery.  It rejuvenates any area of the skin by improving skin tone and laxity.  The tiny probe of the device ionizes oxygen and nitrogen in the air to create an electrical arc to the skin. It creates tiny “dots” and releases heat to the dermis stimulating fibroblasts resulting in a generation of new collagen and elastin and producing a lifting effect).

The following will soon be incorporated:

  • Bio-puncture ( is a therapy whereby specific locations are injected with biological products. The majority of the products are derived from plants. Most of these injections are given into the skin or into muscles);

  • Bemer therapy (improves microcirculation and promotes blood flow in the smallest blood vessels. This improves the performance of the body's cells, which in turn may support pain relief and favor the body’s innate healing capacity);

  • Intravenous therapy (is the infusion of liquid substances directly into a vein. Intravenous simply means "within vein");

  • Live Blood Analysis (also known as Nutritional microscopy or Darkfield microscopy, is fundamentally the analysis of living blood under a powerful microscope, connected to a camera);

  • Ozone Therapy (is the use of ozone gas to treat certain medical conditions. It is most commonly practiced in Europe. Ozone therapy is used for “slipped disks” in the spine, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, an eye disease called macular degeneration, and Parkinson's disease);

  • Prolotherapy (also called proliferation therapy or regenerative injection therapy is a treatment of tissue with the injection of an irritant solution into a joint space, weakened ligament, or tendon insertion to relieve pain);

  • VoiceBio (accurately reveals frequency patterns in the body, showing what tonal frequencies are either heavy (overworked or exhausted) or weak (stagnant or not working). An assessment of the heavy and weak areas of a VIBEprint empowers people to not only understand the root cause of their physical-emotional energetic imbalances, but also the right key to take back control of their own energetic health, holistically and expeditiously through appropriate nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, lifestyle changes, therapies of your choice, etc).

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