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This high quality professional skincare range with high levels of the highest quality active ingredients makes Spa Solutions some of the most effective Professional and Retail products  available, ensuring that the treatment that you receive in salon, and home care is the best that it possibly can be.


Our Peels are not traumatic for the client at all, and offers amazing, lasting results from the first treatment. There is no or very little redness and itching, and no down time. It is our firm belief, and strong ethos, that every woman and every man, irrespective of their income, job, social standing or education, deserves a healthy, glowing, radiant, youthful skin, at an affordable price. That is our promise to you.




What makes our peels different, is that we understand that not each and every skin, especially sensitive and reactive skins, can tolerate Glycolic acid. Because we know that chronic, low grade inflammation, due to various contributing factors, such as free radical activity and elemental exposure, is the root cause of ageing on a cellular level, all our peels consist of a cocktail of Alpha Hydroxy- and Poly Hydroxy (the ‘medical’ acid) acids, with Lactic acid being the highest percentage.


Spa Solutions is not concerned about the latest market trends or the newest ‘fashionable ingredient’ of the day. Our Scientific approach and principles are our only benchmark and underlie our selection of active ingredients. Advanced, multi-active Formulations, incorporating botanical extracts, fruit and fruit acid actives, aromatherapy oils, peptides, anti-oxidants, vitamins and stem cells, makes our product formulations cutting edge and a cut above the norm.


With continued use of the Spa Solutions home care products, assisted by regular professional treatments, the skin will regain its elasticity. You will have very few fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin tone, reduced pigmentation and sun damage, improved acne and a healthy glow and radiance with diminished or no redness – in short, a skin that looks vibrant, healthy and in keeping with chronological age.

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