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[Sensitive-Normal Skin]


Your skin will feel amazingly refreshed and clean with this ultra-gentle face wash. Gently removes and clean your face of dirt, environmental toxins, pollutants and make-up.


• PH Correcting to help restore the acid mantle, and combat skin disease.
• Sweeps away makeup and pore-clogging impurities.
• Gets rid of environmental pollutants and toxins on the skin.
• Leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated, and comfortable.
• A more radiant, conditioned complexion is revealed.
• Reduce signs of dark spots and freckles.


Perfect wash to help correct the PH balance of the skin and get rid of environmental toxins and pollutants.


Contains exclusive patented extracts from bitter almonds (Maldemic Acid) for a smooth and radiant look. Ultra-gentle for even the most sensitive skin. So gentle gives excellent results if skin is rosacea or acne prone.

African Face Wash (50ml)

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