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We recommend that one take Fungus Eliminate capsules with this remedy. Also available on this website.


Pure, natural, additive-free – Candida Assist contains the following herbs :



BARBERRY anti fungal, anti bacterial properties

ECHINACEA stimulates production of macrophages which destroy yeast cells

OLIVE LEAF powerful healer of microbial infections

PAU D ARCO stimulates the immune system to destroy yeast cells, and is effective against bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic and yeast infections

PLANTAIN – antibacterial, anti-microbial properties, as well as being anti inflammatory and anti toxic

RED CLOVER Blood Purifier helps flush out toxins from the body


If you are targeting Epstein Barr Virus as the cause of your Candida we recommend you take  Fungus Eliminate capsules together with this remedy.


Candida information and healing

Candida is actually a beneficial fungus residing in the intestinal tract.  It aids food digestion and absorption. The human body is normally host to a great variety of bacteria and fungi that play neutral or even helpful roles in normal body functions. A yeast infection occurs when one of these organisms, in this instance the yeast Candida albicans, grows out of control.

Then the overgrowth is known as Candidiasis. C. Albicans which only becomes a problem when the ‘good’ bacteria that normally keep it in check, such as acidophilus, become weakened. In severe cases, candida can travel throughout the body causing a type of blood poisoning called candida septicaemia.

It is possible to be virtually riddled with candida and yet be perfectly healthy. There are people with extremely high levels of candida who eat and drink whatever they want without a hint of fatigue or stomach upset. Candida by itself is typically harmless.


NOTE: Candida is a frequent companion or cofactor of other diseases and organisms, which include Lyme disease, shingles, EBV, H. Pylori, diabetes, MS and many more.


These disease symptoms and the conditions that triggered them e.g. antibiotics, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep, stress, fear, plus the inflammation created by any type of viral and or bacterial infection are likely to result in a higher reproduction rate for Candida, making it more probable that a test for Candida is positive.


Candida’s home is the gut, but it is seldom understood that it can also appear in the liver, the spleen, the vagina, brain and elsewhere. This causes extra strain on the immune system.


Candida diagnosis is often a sign to look for the underlying strep bacteria. Eliminating foods such as cake, bread, and diet soda the immune system will naturally strengthen, making the body less hospitiable to autoimmune disease and other condition.


While it is known that candida may feed on sugar, the confusion lies around what kind of sugar. People often think that all sugar is the same, but the fructose that naturally occurs in fruit is actually bonded with compounds and substances including antioxidants, minerals, phytochemical’s and cancer-destroying  micronutrients, that annihilate almost all diseases and actually eliminate candida. Fruit’s fibre, pulp, skin and seeds destroy not only all varieties of Candida, yeast and fungus, but also parasites, worms, and non useful bacterial like E.Coli and Streptococcus.  Fruit is the anti – candida secret weapon.


NOTE: —Sugars that do feed candida include:- table sugar, processed cane sugar; processed beet sugar; sugar from sources like agave nectar; processed grain sugar of any kind, and sugar from corn.


Fat and protein actually feed Candida – a huge misconception at the moment is that eating a high fat, high protein diet starves Candida.

Proteins, which are inflammatory are sticky and bind to the intestinal tract.  The build-up of undigested proteins in someone with a weakened digestive system can result in a breeding ground for Candida and other varieties of fungus, as well as parasites and bacteria. Relying on fat as your main calorie source will result in the highest candida growth.


The best Anti-Candida approach is to eat a low fat, low protein diet that incorporates plenty of fruits and vegetables. Eliminate meat.

The goal to heal Candida is to increase levels of hydrochloric acid in the digestive fluid, rebuild the intestinal tract, and strengthen and detoxify the liver.


Avoid antibiotics and antifungal medications, as they wipe out all (including the good) bacteria in the gut which severely weakens the immune system. An impaired immune system is a trigger for viruses, bacteria and or fungi that are lurking in the body and are very resistant to these drugs.



Coriander – eat half a cup a day of this herb as –is, on salads or in a smoothie

Aloe Vera juice

Cinnamon Oil, 15-20 drops in ¼ cup of water 3 times daily – this treats thrush and fluconazole-resistant yeast infections

Parsley – eat a ¼ cup a day as-is sprinkled on salads

Zeolite – take a teaspooon of zeolite powder 2 x daily

Spirulina – mix 1 teaspoon of powder daily into water or a smoothie

Garlic – eat 2 cloves a day

Sage – eat 2 tablespoons a day

L-glutamine – powder form, 1 teaspoon daily into water or a smoothie

1 glass of celery juice daily

Lavender baths, 50gm added to 1 litre of water overnight, bathe affected areas with this solution

Use Oregano, peppermint, Rosemary and or thyme daily – powerful antifungal agents

Barley grass juice extract powder – draws out heavy metals from intestinal tract, spleen, pancreas and reproductive system

It is important to follow the four week body cleanse eating plan including the ‘healing candida protocol’


A recommended additional product is  NATURAL SOLUTIONS ESSIAC HERBAL TEA – which contains Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm and Rhubarb Root – To help clear the intestinal tract from stubborn debri, parasites.

and NATURAL SOLUTIONS VIRUS – this helps eliminate the virus that creates the overgrowth of candida known as EBV and if your skin or body is showing signs of septicaemia

then NATURAL SOLUTIONS BLOOD PURIFIER capsules – which has 13 fast acting blood purifying herbs.

These products are all available at this site.

Candida Assist Herbal Vegan Capsules (60)

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