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Ceramide complex
Vegetable-derived lipid concentrate shown to alter protective barrier function of the skin protection. Consists of a multi-lamellar system with ceramides, cholesterol, free fatty acids & phytosphingosine that resembles the structure of the lipid barrier the skin.

Vitamin E
Antioxidant (found to be protective from damages by reactive oxygen radicals & UV rays). Has good moisturizing and soothing properties. Can promote epithelialization and enzyme activity.

Vitamin F
Essential fatty acids are ideal for post-care following corrective treatments such as peels, as they provide anti-inflammatory properties, allow for quicker recover, minimize scarring and relieve pain. With linoleic acid’s potent healing properties, it should be a treatment room staple. Not only is it useful in accelerating the healing during the post-corrective treatment, it also can help treat burns, cold sores and other minor wounds.


Keep in mind that EFAs are also the building blocks of healthy cells, making them a vital part of any healthy aging regimen.


Reinforces the natural lipid barrier of aged or sensitive skin and helps, rebalance the exchange of moisture between the skin and the environment. Smoother texture.


Helps to hydrate and gives the skin a silky feel

Moisture Capsules 20

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