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SPIRULINA Vegan Capsules 90 (500 mg) or Powder (400ml)


Our wonderful SPIRULINA benefits:

  • High plant-sourced protein
  • Potent source of iron, vitamins and minerals
  • Excellent cell regenerator
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory
  • Protects against LDL cholesterol from becoming oxidised
  • Improves muscle strength, endurance and blood sugar control


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Spirulina caps are 100% VEGAN based plant cellulose capsules, jam- packed with one of nature’s most potent superfoods. In many ways, this beautiful algae has tremendous benefits for our bodies and can be taken daily.  This is easy for the body to assimilate.


Add powder to smoothies for an extra power zing


Spirulina Vegan Capsules (60)

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