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MicroNeedling is more affordable for the client than Plasma Pen Skin Tightening. It is also the preferred way of tightening skin if your client suffers from certain medical conditions. Microneedling heals quick. Skin Tightening with microneedling is very effective but the visible results takes slightly longer to show. More treatments in certain cases might be needed if compared to the Plasma Tightening procedure.  Microneedling Treatment is painless because of the local anesthetic applied prior to treatment. The microneedling procedure can corrrect fine lines, dark spots, scars and wrinkles on the face, neck, hands and other parts of the body Microneedling is not suited for treatment close to the eye area. This is where the plasma pen comes to shine. Microneedling stimulates the growth of new skin cells and can produce up to 400% or more collagen, compared to any cream or lotion available.

Clients undergoing microneedling treatment will notice considerable skin renewal in about 2-4 weeks. Downtime on microneedling is very short, and even though the skin is punctured with microscopic little sterile needles, there is normally just a slight bit of redness after treatment. Cosmetic needling is very safe as there will be no noticeable blood on the skin surface.  

MicroNeedling Training with kit:

1 Day Training:   R 7,995.00

By far the most cost-effective way to start your Skin Needling Business.   This course includes a full starter kit, training, manual and a certificate. Your training kit comes with enough stock to recoup the cost of your training!

Advanced MicroNeedling Training:


1 Day Training:   R 2,995.00

(Includes:  Training, Manual and Certificate)

Hair Growth MicroNeedling Training:

1 Day Training:  R 2,995.00

(Includes:  Training, Manual and Certificate)

Candidates must be qualified in permanent cosmetics or beauty therapy to enrol for this course

Plasma Pen or the Fibroblast procedure is a non-surgical skin lift procedure giving the same results

as traditional surgery. It is safe and bloodless, without the need for anesthesia.  There are absolutely no surgical instruments, cutting or stitches involved. Yet the results are amazing.

The Fibroblast  or Plasma Pen Treatment is painless due to local anesthetic applied prior to treatment. This amazing skin tightening procedure corrects many skin problems such as droopy eyes, wrinkles, moles, scars and other skin imperfections. Only the excess skin is affected during the procedure.

Clients undergoing the treatment will notice results right away although it takes 2-4 weeks for full effect to be visible. Fibroblast procedure may only be performed by people who underwent proper training. Plasma Pen Training can be a very valuable asset for your business as profit margins are high. The effectiveness of fibroblast skin tightening is very popular amongst clients, and word of mouth advertising is normally the result. This is the ideal opportunity to increase your profit dramatically.

Fibroblast Plasma Training with kit:

Options including devices  range from R 10 000.00 -  R75 000.00

2 days of intensive training

(Includes  kit, device of choice, training, manual and certificate)


3 Days Training

 You invest in a secure PROFITABLE FUTURE

(Includes: Fibroblast Plasma Pen + MicroNeedling Pen

+ Kit + Manuals & Certificates = R 19,995.00)

(SAVE:  R 3,995.00)

Candidates must be qualified in permanent cosmetics or beauty therapy

to enrol for this course



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